Important Announcement YPF Piano Competition 2017

After the YPF Piano Competition Grand Prix Youri Egorov 2015, which was won by the then 18 year old Dutch pianist Ramon van Engelenhoven, the Young Pianist Foundation has investigated the possibilities of merging with the Nederlandse Vioolconcours. Although at the outset, the merging process seemed most promising, recently we had to admit that bridging the differences between both competitions and organisations, was at this moment, despite the similarities and mutual sympathy, not an attainable goal. In December 2016, the YPF decided therefore to refocus on its own core activities and to return to our own  format and content of competition.

Hence, at the latest Board Meeting in January 2017, the conclusion has been drawn that it would be wiser to postpone the YPF Piano Competition, which was planned for November 2017, to a later date, in order to set things right in this period of change. We will announce the next (7th) YPF Piano Competition at least 12 months in advance.

The Young Pianist Foundation will have a new Financial Management, as Inge van Verschuer has taken over from Eymert van Manen. I am delighted to welcome her and to work together with her to strengthen the position and the radius of action of the YPF.  

We shall be delighted to informing you as soon as possible on our upcoming YPF activities which will take place in 2017 and thereafter.
Looking forward to keeping in touch and sincerely thankful for your continuous support,

Marcel Baudet
Artistic Director YPF