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The 7th edition of the YPF Piano Competition/Grand Prix Youri Egorov will take place from 25 January till 10 February 2019. Since the start in 1999, the YPF competition has always focused on the pedagogical benefit for the participants. The competition is to be observed as a crucial link in the overall music education of the young pianists in our country. We therefore invite every young pianist to take up the challenge and present themselves on the stage and play before a jury of international master pianists and pedagogues. The competition has a gradual build up, spread over four rounds, with different age categories. On top of the categorized competition is the Grand Final, which doesn’t recognize a discernment in age categories. Finally, in case the winner of the competition is a pianist of exceptional musical and pianistic quality of international level, the jury may award the highest distinction, the Grand Prix Youri Egorov.


"What the Young Pianist Foundation does for the young piano talents in the Netherlands is unique and essential to their artistic development. Thanks to the competition the level of playing has remarkably increased in recent years." – Jan Wijn




  By winning the YPF Piano Competition 2007 Thomas Beijer (1988) placed himself at the top of a new generation of young pianists in the Netherlands.                
The International Jury described him as “a musically very interesting personality with distinctive ideas about music. A true artist.”                                                  

For the YPF Piano Competition 2019 Thomas Beijer has composed a new work ‘Variations on a theme by Chopin’, which will be performed as an obligatory work at the Finale of the YPF Piano Competition 2019.  You can download the work here                                                                                                                                                        



The YPF herewith announces the second list of Concert Prizes for the Winners of the YPF Piano Competition and the Junior Competition 2019.

"Both performer as audience will experience a lot of fun with ‘Variations on a theme by Chopin", according to the componist Thomas Beijer.

The YPF herewith announces the first set of Prizes for the Winners of the YPF Piano Competition and the Junior Competition 2019.

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